On a mission to fuel the growth of:   

Companies, Crazy Ones, + Brands

Streamlining tech-talent acquisition, connecting crazy one’s, & driving a new era of branding within sports through 3 projects:


I got tired of trying to find & hire top developers, designers, & content crews. 

At DD, we match you with our top standouts in 48 hours. (Oh, and at half the cost.)

Fast 5’s 

10 short but powerful ideas on lessons learned in sports, business, & life – sent everyday.  

It’s a community for the crazy ones: troublemaking rebels crafting themselves daily. 

Pro Thread

Crafting confidence by embedding the feel good, play good ethos into every stitch.    

At PT we design & manufacture apparel & streetwear for sports teams, athletes, brands, & fans.

Hey! I’m Daria. 

I’ve been obsessed with following my curiosities since I was a kid.  I’ve danced across many disciplines: olympic hopeful, only girl on teams, kid-hustles, boarding school, DI lacrosse, national champion, designer, coach, startups, workaholic, burnout, deep knowledge seeker, creative, and what will be many more in this lifetime. 

Each week, I create content across instagram (@crazy.lucchesi) and a newsletter (Fast 5’s) 

If you’re into any of this, follow along for the ride. I’m grateful to have you here.