On a mission to fuel the growth of:   

Companies, Crazy Ones, + Brands

Streamlining tech-talent acquisition, connecting crazy one’s, & driving a new era of branding within sports through 3 projects:


Burnt by freelancers and agencies? Butter tests, trains, & verifies designers.

We connect you & manage the collaboration with 360 support.  — UI/UX, apps, products, web, graphics, & apparel.

Fast 5 

10 short but powerful ideas I can’t stop thinking about on sports & life. 

It’s a community for the crazy ones: troublemaking rebels crafting themselves daily. 

Premier Thread

Crafting confidence by embedding the feel good, play good ethos into every stitch.    

At PT we design & manufacture apparel & streetwear for sports teams, athletes, brands, & fans.

Hey! I’m Daria. 

I’ve been obsessed with following my curiosities since I was a kid.  I’ve danced across many disciplines: olympic hopeful, only girl on teams, kid-hustles, boarding school, DI lacrosse, national champion, designer, coach, startups, workaholic, burnout, deep knowledge seeker, creative, and what will be many more in this lifetime. 

Each week, I create content across instagram (@crazy.lucchesi) and a newsletter (Fast 5’s) 

If you’re into any of this, follow along for the ride. I’m grateful to have you here.